Stand decoration and graphics

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Picture Code Product Price Order
A015 Covering elements with color adhesives, 1m², min 1m² 15.00 €
A16 Covering elements with adhesive graphics, 1m², min 1m² 22.00 €
A017 Covering elements with textile graphics, 1m², min 1m² 32.00 €
T030 Adhesive letter h=10-12cm 1.00 €
T033 Logo on the fascia, one-colored 18.00 €
T034 Logo on the fascia, two-coloured 23.00 €
T035 Logo on the fascia, three-coloured 28.00 €
V010 Carpet with plastic cover/ m² 6.50 €
V020 Hook (with different tallness) 1.00 €