About our services

About our services

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1. Planning and designing a stand

In order to build up an attractive and well-functioning exhibition stand, it is of vital importance to take into consideration the goals and wishes of the client. Only then we will succeed with creating a stand, which is functional and has a personal unique touch in its design. Our designers have professional experience stand out for their competence.

2. Stands with special design

The process of creating stands with personal design and unique technical solutions involve joined efforts of a designer, a competent builder and a customer. Efficient cooperation avoids future possible misunderstandings, which may occur on the day of assembly.

3. Stand elements

The stand construction elements available help to create different combinations. Aluminium profile and white wall modules are most common with us. In order to make the presentation more attractive, we can offer acrylic wall elements.We can also cover the regular wall elements with color adhesives, textile or carpet, etc.

4. Furniture

We offer a large variety of standard furniture: showcases, infodesks, tables, chairs, stools, etc. We also offer design furniture, which is not included in the list of our srvices. The deadline for presenting your order is three weeks before the beginning of the event.
Taveco Design offers furniture and other necessary modules for the occasion of presentations, receptions and fashion shows, for example a wardobe and a stage construction, tables, chairs, etc.

5. Carpeting

The roll carpets are available in the following colors:dark gray, gray, blue, red and green. The plate capet comes only in dark grey.
The price for the carpet includes installation and prtective plastic cover to avoid damages.

6. Lighting and electric installation

To make your stand shine out, it is very important to choose the adequate lihgt level and lamps. We offer lamps both for small and large stands, also the lights, which fit the stands with special design and with other unique constructions.

7. Adhesive letters, decorations, acrylic galasses, etc

To decorate your stand, we have different ways to achive it!

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